Fire Systems Company History


Fire Systems History

Fire Systems Ltd, has been providing services to the fire protection industry since 1992. During the early years of the business, the company specialised in suppression, extinguishant and fire alarm systems, predominately to the commercial sector.

The current directors Len and Will Mason was not part of the company at that time and was gaining their experience with companies such as Walter Kidde and Modern Alarms.

However, with the sudden development of computer technology, not only did this have a significant impact on the design and advancement of fire alarm systems, but also the management systems controlling the running of the business and labour workforce.

The Mason Brothers Join Fire Systems Ltd

It was in 2002 that the Mason brothers became directors of Fire Systems Ltd, with the aim to modernise the business. This involved implementing a computer-based management system that has enabled us to handle large contracts and monitor our performance.

Wireless Fire Alarms
In 2005, we again realised the technical advancement of technology with the huge improvement of wireless fire alarms. It was at this time that we made a company decision to invest and promote our skills in this sector of the industry. Because of the decision made at that time, we are one of the leading wireless fire alarm companies in the country, and the only company to have installed wireless systems in Europe and Asia.

Automatic Smoke Vents
Following the great recession in 2009 and the risk involved working on large fire alarm installations, we diversified and focused on service and maintenance works within the housing sector. This has proved very successful as the housing market in London and the Southeast has increased. We now have very good contracts with two large housing associations.

In 2012 we made another decision to enter the field of automatic smoke vents. Having skilled personnel in this field was required due to the increased work with the housing associations. Again, our ability to diversify and adapt where required and has paid dividends.

Engineers Trained In-House

Finding quality engineers to provide the level of service required to meet our client needs can be challenging; however, we have been very fortunate that both the directors have a technical background. Having such a skill set at the company has enabled us to proudly state that we have trained all our engineers in house.

We currently have a management team and many engineers that are coming up or surpassed the ten years of service milestone.

Having loyal, long serving and competent staff is the backbone of our success, and long may it continue.


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