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Fire Systems Ltd, who currently carries out the fire alarm maintenance for the school, secured the order to carry out the fire alarm enabling works and installation of the new addressable fire alarm system.

Before, the new building was erected; the old sports hall had to be demolished. The old sports hall was joined to another building known as the Cedar block. One fire alarm system protected both buildings, there were no drawings identifying the fire alarm wiring, so the enabling works involved tracing and removing all the fire alarm wiring in the existing sports hall while retaining the fire alarm wiring to the other half of the building. The enabling works were successful and the old sports hall was demolished.

Fire Systems Ltd, was involved in the designing of the new system, we decided on an L1 category system due to number of people that may be occupying the building at any one time as this the new sporting facility has a large seating area for major sporting events.

The fire alarm system to be installed is a Morley Addressable from the ZXe range, with Apollo protocol. The reason we choose the Morley fire alarm system is the school already had an existing Morley networked fire alarm system. The school has very large grounds with numerous amount of out buildings. These buildings are protected by the Morley network and there are currently eleven addressable fire alarm panels networked and this new panel will make it number twelve. Having all twelve panels on a network allows the security to monitor all the outbuildings in the event a fire and evacuate any building remotely or automatically.

As you can see from the video this is a state of the art sporting complex. The main sports hall and the offices off of the hall are protected by Apollo smoke detectors with base beacon Sounders. All exits from the hall and to the open air have an addressable manual call point.

This new facility will promote a wider recreational offer, including a dance studio, fitness suite, two FIBA basketball courts and an indoor climbing wall. This new building will also provide an opportunity to redevelop and change the use of their existing Gym into a large, flexible space for drama, dance, musical performance, assemblies, exhibitions, meetings, and Lower School activities.

During the building works the construction site had to be protected against fire, wireless fire alarm evacuation points were installed at various positions throughout the construction site. In the event of a fire incident on the site, the wireless fire alarm point can be activated, evacuating the site and alerting the fire marshalls in the event of a fire.

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