Which System is right for you?


What type of Fire Alarm would suit your needs?

When selecting a fire alarm system, there are many different types and various manufacturers to choose from. Each system and manufacturer will have their own advantage and disadvantage. However, to the end user, who have little or no experience, they are relying on the professionalism and honesty of their chosen fire alarm company.

There are usually two decisions to be made; does the client opt for an addressable or conventional system and once this has been decided, do they choose wired or wireless.

There are three Main Choices.
Conventional Fire Alarm systems are very basic and cost effective, but lack advanced features and are usually suitable for very small installations. Locating an activated detector can be time-consuming because of the limited information display at the control panel.

Addressable systems are very popular and now the preferred choice since their reduction in cost over the years. Addressable’s are usually used on systems over twenty devices. The main advantage using this type of fire alarm is the location of the activated device is displayed on the fire alarm control panel, providing the end user with the exact location.

Wired or Wireless?
In the pass wired systems were the preferred choice due to cost and reliability; however, this has all changed with the huge advancement of wireless systems technology and the reduction in cost. Therefore, if you require a quick installation, or installing the cables is an issue, especially in retrofit applications, the wireless systems are proving to be the preferred option. However, if the cables can be concealed and installing the cables is easy with accessible voids or false ceilings, then a wired system may be best.


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