Dorgard Door Holder


Dorgard is a safe, legal, and cost-effective solution for holding open fire doors in any position. With the fire door held in the open position using a Dorgard device, the Dorgard is continually monitoring the ambient sound levels for the sound of a fire alarm. For the Dorgard to activate, it needs to hear the sound of the fire alarm that exceeds 65 decibels, on confirming the alarm tone over a preset time period of 14 seconds. The Dorgard will activate and release the fire door.

Dorgard complies with BS EN 1155 and is accepted by the fire authorities. Dorgard is very easy to install and only takes a few minutes. It’s completely wireless and battery operated. Firstly, open the top compartment of Dorgard using a screwdriver and install the batteries. The two C-sized batteries supplied should last for at least one year. It is advisable that fire doors are closed at night; therefore, Dorgard has an automatic night-time release facility. To enable this, select the night-time dip switches on the back of the unit. Also, note the serial number in the maintenance record supplied in the fitting and operating guide.
With the door closed, position the fitting template provided against the door on the side that shuts against the frame. Mark the holes for fixing through the fitting template. Fix Dorgard to the fire door using the four screws supplied. The correct position is when with the plunger fully retracted, the door can swing free and with the Dorgard plunger depressed contact with the floor or floor plate holds the door open. Twelve hours after install and every seven days after this point, Dorgard will self-test. Should Dorgard detect an internal fault, it will sound a warning tone and fail to safe, closing the door.
Following that, fix the floor plate in a location that’s in alignment with the Dorgard. Prior to drilling holes or securing screws confirm the location of services, such as water pipes, electrical points, and gas pipes.
The fire door should be opened to the preferred position, stand sideways the fire door and push down on the plunger to keep the fire door open. To activate the door, kick the black knob.
Test your fire alarm and ensure that Dorgard releases the door.
Finally, fix the fire door sticker.

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