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Dorgard is a wire free, fire door holder that permits you to keep fire doors in the open position at various angles and will automatically close the door on hearing the sound of the alarm, prohibiting the spread of fire.

We’ve all seen or done it before. A fire door wedged open on a hot sunny day. Or a fire door propped open so that people can easily pass. However, it is illegal and dangerous to do this. In fact, it is a direct contravention of fire safety regulations in the UK.

In the event of a fire, this hazardous practice will result in fire and smoke spreading quicker, risking people’s lives and causing more damage. To overcome this problem, Fireco invented Dorgard. A wireless solution which enables you to legally and safely keep fire doors open while allowing them to close when the fire alarm sounds preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Dorgard enables freedom of access, while protecting the building and its occupants against the dangers of fire. When Dorgard is holding a fire door open, the Dorgard listens continually for the sound of a fire alarm. Dorgard needs to hear a fire alarm that exceeds 65 decibels, verifying the alarm over a 14-second period. Dorgard will then release the fire door. It takes less than five minutes to install and is battery operated.

Dorgard complies with BS EN 1155 and is accepted by the fire authorities.

The manager of Pembroke Care Home, had Dorgards fitted to their doors.. The Dorgards give them added security. They can legally leave their fire doors open. The residents can walk freely from room to room and in the event of any fire, we know that the doors will automatically close.

Dorgard is available in a variety of colours and is suitable for environments such as offices, care homes, and hotels that have an automatic fire detection system installed. Dorgard is an essential addition to your fire precautions. Being wireless, it’s quickly and easily installed and is ideal for retrofitting to existing fire doors. Dorgard, another brilliant invention from Fireco.


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