Freedor Fire Door Holder


Freedor from Fireco, is a device fitted to fire doors that allow you to have the door open at any angle. On activation of the fire alarm, the door will close. The device main attributes are its wireless and easy to install.

Freedor is Fireco’s most recent invention. Using the tried and tested technology of Dorgard, it’s an ergonomic solution for holding your fire doors open safely and legally.

Freedor is a easy to install, wire free unit mounted at the top of a fire door that permits the door to move freely, remain in any position but can close the door if the fire alarm should sound. The Freedor unit has the technology to listen continuously for the sound of a fire alarm. Freedor only has to hear the fire alarm that surpasses 65 decibels confirming the alarm across a 14 second period. On confirmation of a continuing fir alarm signal , Freedor, will close the door stopping the dispersion of fire and smoke throughout the building.

Freedor must be installed by a fully trained technician. It can be installed with minimal disruption. It’s a battery-powered unit that can be programmed to automatically close the fire door at night. Freedor complies with all relevant British standards.

Freedor, is the  first wireless free-swing door retainer available on the market. Freedor comes with many key features including a 12 to 18 months battery life, operates to a power size four, and comes in three different finishes.


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