CW9000 Wireless Fire Alarm Enters the Market


The Radio+ also know as the CW9000

With the future of fire alarms now being Wireless, another fire alarm manufacturer Fulleon Cooper enters the wireless fire alarm market with the Radio+ or also known as the CW9000

Radio+ or Also Known as the CW9000 

With wireless fire alarm systems an increasing choice for consumers and consultants, another fire alarm equipment manufacturer has decided to enter the wireless fire alarm system market.  Fulleon who are part of the Cooper Group, renowned for their JSB and Menvier fire alarm equipment has launched the Radio Plus.

The system is aimed at the small to medium size application with a fire alarm control panel having 16 zones. The design of the fire alarm panel has been taken from their Menvier “DF” range and as per the DF range, the Radio Plus also has a touch screen.

Equipment is from the Wired range of Cooper Fire Detection Products

It appears that the components such as the beacons, manual call points, smoke detectors and sounders have all come from the Fulleon range, with wireless interface modules inserted. The Fulleon Radio Plus wireless addressable fire alarm system was designed and built while tracking the progress of the Radio fire specification for Europe EN54 part 25. Therefore, the system complies with all aspects of the standard.

The Fulleon Radio Plus system can accommodate 250 radio devices and has full Bi-Directional Radio communication. Devices are supplied by standard alkaline battery cells. The Fulleon Devices do not have two power sources as required by BS5839-1, but the low voltage monitoring ensures a fault signal is conveyed to the fire alarm control panel as in accordance with EN54-25.

The system can also facilitate a Radio Hybrid controller. This unit can have 30 wireless devices and is intended to be wired to an addressable fire alarm system and provide wireless fire alarm coverage in specific areas.

The System looks pleasing to the eye.

The aesthetics of the detectors and fire alarm control panel is pleasing to the eye and compare with its rivals the detectors with combined sounders are a lot smaller.
Following my training session, the one obvious reservation I have is the signal cannot be boosted more than once. This would be an issue if you have areas that are difficult to obtain a strong radio signal.

The radio technology of the Fulleon Radio Plus is the newest compared with its rivals. Only time will tell whether this wireless radio fire alarm system will be a success.

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