Series Z1000


With over 17 years of experience designing and manufacturing wireless fire alarms, Electro Detectors in 2004 launched the next generation of wireless fire alarm called the Zerio.

The Zerio is a New Concept in Wireless Fire Alarms

The Zerio had a totally different design and style than its predecessor, whereas the Millennium and its rival from EMS the FirePoint 5000 was quite  large panels and could not complete with a hard wired addressable system; Electro Detectors could see a need for something that was much smaller and neater in appearance and more cost effective.

This approach proved to resonate with the end user, especially those with smaller premises and made the Zerio a very popular Wireless fire alarm system.


  • The panel had 8 zones
  • Addressable Devices
  • Large Liquid Crystal Display handling 60 Characters.
  • Programmable Sounder Options
  • Very Easy Set-up
  • Programming can be done using a standard keyboard. No laptop and software required.

The system was very popular with installers as well as end users, due to the ease at which the system could be set up. As per with most addressable fire alarm panels, the Zerio can be programmed without any additional software and equipment. All that is required is a PS/2 standard keyboard. All the programme information can be backed-up onto a laptop or stored on a memory card.

The system communicates to its wireless devices on a frequency of 173Mhz.

The blueprint design and research and development of this system started well before the final date of its release in 2004. Not long after the release of the EDA-Z1000 Zerio, there was talk of a new European product code for wireless fire alarm EN54-25.

EDA-Z1000 Zerio  Product life shorten due to the EN54-25

The wireless product code was finalised and published in 2008. The EDA-Z1000 Zerio wireless fire alarm system did not fully comply with this code.  With the pending enforcement of the code Electro Detectors redesigned the Zerio and in 2011 a new compliant Wireless fire alarm system called the Zerio Plus.

The EDA-Z1000 Zerio had a premature end and was on the market from 2004 until the launch of the Zerio Plus in 2011. However, many of the stylish features, easy programming and use remains today in the EN54-25 compliant Zerio Plus.


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