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The biggest brand name in the UK for wireless fire alarms is EMS Radio Fire & Security Systems. This company has been at the forefront of wireless systems, both Fire and Security of over forty-five years. EMS first started manufacturing wireless equipment for the security industry and seeing a need for the same type of technology within the fire sector, they used their wireless technology and experience to develop the fire alarm product range.

FirePoint 5000 replaced with FireCell

EMS range of wireless equipment since 1997 has been the FirePoint 5000, however, due to the recent (CDR) Construction Products Regulation enforced in 2013, all wireless systems had to comply with the product standard EN54-25. To comply with the latest standard, EMS has designed and introduced the new compliant range called the FireCell, which came onto the market in 2011. This was soon followed around 2013 with the FireCell Fusion, a product that offers the user a Hybrid solution.

Because of the changes in the wireless fire alarm standards and product codes, the FirePoint 5000, has had to be withdrawn from the market.

EMS designed and manufactured all their equipment at their factory and offices in Herne Bay in Kent.

Does EMS install? No.

When it comes to installing an EMS wireless fire alarm system, end users should be aware that EMS, is a wireless systems manufacturer and do not carry out the installations. The services provided by EMS is; supply of equipment, provide a design following a radio signal strength survey and to give advice. However, if you or your chosen fire alarm company do not have experience installing wireless systems, a design and advice from EMS, may not be enough to install the system correctly. It is essential that the fire alarm company nominated to install the system have experience and A good track record installing wireless systems. This will ensure that the system will be installed and maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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