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The UK is considered the world leaders in wireless fire alarm systems, this is due to the innovation of the manufacturers and the acceptance of these types of systems by the fire alarm standards and the industry as a whole.

The biggest fire exhibition in the UK is Firex, and this is a good place to visit the manufacturers who take this opportunity to showcase their latest products that are in the pipeline and due for release in the coming year

Fire Systems Ltd, visit Firex 2016, and visited the stand of EMS and had a preview of their latest system that will soon be on the market called the Smartcell.

The Smartcell is a completely wireless system, from the control panel to the range of peripheral devices that are all designed and manufactured in house, by EMS.

Compared to the Firecell, Smartcell offers a smaller control panel and slimmer devices.

The system is designed to accommodate 32 devices, so for residential and small offices, this system will be well suited.

The system also has a cloud base monitoring service, so alarms, the condition of the devices etc, can be displayed on your mobile phone or remote computer. EMS, have invested a lot of resources and finance into this product and are expecting to increase market share in the small systems market, competing against wired addressable systems and their main wireless competitors.

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