The Plexus Wireless Fire Alarm Product from Gent
Gent by Honeywell is introducing its very first wireless fire alarm detection system, Plexus, combining a specialized technology, which provides the best amount of integration and user experience.

Plexus provides the very best of both attributes to fire alarm designers by allowing the freedom of both wireless and wired devices on site. The designer may now stipulate wireless devices anytime building restrictions prohibit the usage of wires and interruption to the operation of the building can now be reduced. In sections of buildings where wires may be installed without detriment to the building decoration, cabled devices can, nevertheless, be used.

The revolutionary radio technology utilized by Plexus, created originally for the petrochemical sector, provides a reliable and resilient way of wireless communication. Whereas other radio fire systems require each sensor to communicate signals to one particular transmitter, the Gent system makes certain that every device on the radio detection loop can pass on its unique signal, along with the signals from various devices close by, to preserve the connection.

This new hybrid system performs utilizing an incorporated wireless approach, combining up to 10 radio loop transceivers each one serving as a gateway involving the wired and the wireless network system. The wireless devices utilize the matching addressing and labeling arrangement as the wired loop, therefore, enabling effortless integration. Wireless variables, for example, the life of the battery, device model and device condition are reported back to the primary Vigilon panel allowing the complete system to be controlled from one position.

The system facilitates call points, sounders, strobes plus an all-inclusive collection of detectors that contain Gent’s well-known multi purpose S-Quad technology.

Plexus was developed to provide fire alarm developers the best flexible solution. It enables for easy and quick installation, along with lower material and labour expense, and customers can get complete reassurance as our technology means it is a robust and fault tolerant system”.

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