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Sterling Safety Systems based in Warwickshire introduced the Hyfire product range of wireless fire alarm equipment back in 2002.

They entered the UK market as a supplier of the equipment and today some fifteen years later and following a successful acquisition of a significant amount of shares of the company that manufactures the equipment Argus Security, Sterling Safety Systems are now manufacturers as well as suppliers of the equipment.

This new platform has provided Sterling Safety Systems with greater control over the quality, direction and the new products coming onto the Hyfire range.

Sterling Safety Systems under the Directorship of Mr Glen Jones has made the Hyfire range a global name in wireless fire alarms, in a relatively short space of time.

If you consider their main rivals being Electro Detectors and EMS, both of these companies have been producing wireless systems for over forty years and had a dominant position in the marketplace. Back in 2002, the cost of wireless systems was very high due to their being only these two suppliers. This made supplying and installing a wireless system nearly impossible unless the site had no choice but to install wireless.

However, with the introduction of another supplier has proved to be the answer for many fire alarm installers. The Hyfire range is reasonably priced reliable, good quality and compliant with the Radio Fire Alarm Code EN54-25.

Sterling Safety Systems business model is to have regional sales managers throughout the country that work in partnership with fire alarm companies. These selected companies receive training, support and authorized to supply and install their equipment. There is no charge for the training, unlike EMS, who are currently charging companies to attend their training course.

The Hyfire range works on an open protocol panel and offers a hybrid solution, offering both wired and wireless devices on the same system.

Furthermore, the Hyfire range was the only wireless fire alarm system that came to the market fully compliant to EN54-25, and therefore, did not have to make any amendment to their products to gain certification.

Fire Systems Ltd, is proud to say, that we have been supplying and installing the Hyfire range of wireless equipment since 2005, have installed hundreds of their systems and have an excellent working relationship with the company and staff.


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