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Wireless Fire Alarm System Alternative

The Hyfire range of wireless fire alarm equipment provides a true Hybrid alternative when considering a complete wireless system or a combination of wired and wireless devices.

The name Hyfire is the brand name given to the wireless range of equipment distributed within the UK by Sterling Safety Systems based in Honiley in Warwickshire.

The manufacturing and design of this specialist wireless fire detection and alarm products are by Argus Security at their factory in Trieste in Italy. Following a long working relationship between the two companies, Sterling Safety Systems have since purchased a large stake in Argus, and they now work in partnership developing and distributing the Hyfire range all over Europe.

The product enhances wireless fire alarms and detection systems to a higher standard of reliability with many flexible options. The system makes use of the most up-to-date radio technology to deliver cost effective wireless systems together with the least disruption towards the building and surroundings.

Million Devices Installed

With well over a million devices installed worldwide, the Hyfire uses the recognised Argus protocol and has a global listing of third party approvals and certifications. Designers and installation specialist can be self-assured that they will be selecting a wireless system having an established reputation.

The wireless range of fire alarm devices has a Hybrid solution which can be connected to a wired system using Argus protocol wired addressable detection and output devices. Having the Hybrid alternative is ideal when upgrading a wired system, whether it be conventional or addressable.

The system is suitable for the protection of a valuable heritage building, increasing the size of an existing wired fire alarm in an occupied hotel environment or supplying short-term fire protection for a construction site.

Quick and easy installation 

When carried out correctly, any cabled installation demands an installer who is competent and neat, to allow the fire alarm installation not to become intrusive. The supply of wire containment, the usage of power tools and an amount of decoration, is usually required after the installation. In contrast, all that’s needed whenever fitting a radio wireless device is to install a couple of screws to fix the device to the fabric.

Fire Designers Life, made Easy – In today’s construction market, there is a great variety of projects and due to a ultra-modern look having cables and containment is not an option. However, the Hyfire range provides designers with an extremely and flexible non-intrusive approach when designing fire alarm system for such applications.

Wireless Alternative 

You have the option of using a Kentec or Advance Electronics fire alarm control panel, and the Translator Modules are hard wired onto the detection circuits. It is from the Translator that the system becomes wireless and each Translator Unit can communicate up to a total of 127 field devices using an established wireless communication protocol, processing the data coming from the actual field equipment and transmitting data concerning themselves and the units they look after to the alarm system control panel.

All field devices possess a notional radio signal distance of 150m in open air, however, where larger distances are required, or if the locations are challenging structural buildings, there will be a need to install Wireless Radio Expanders to extend the signal.

Several Translator Modules can be employed on each detection loop along with numerous Expander Modules which makes it simple to set up systems of almost any size and capability.

Where there is a non-addressable alarm system or an alarm using a non-Argus protocol, radio linked detection and system devices may still be possible in certain locations using the arrangement of the Hyfire conventional Expander Modules.

Hardly any disruption 

Time is money in just about all avenues of life, regardless if you are running a luxurious hotel, fast paced office or high-street bank, interruption to your day is costly. Typically, a building closing or working outside normal hours would have been the only solution if installing a wired fire alarm in these circumstances.

However, the Hyfire range of equipment provides a time-saving alternative, allowing for ninety percentage of the work to be done away from the site. The only work required on site is the fixing of the equipment, confirming the radio signal strength and testing the devices.

The fitting of the devices is non-intrusive, as a result, damage to room decoration or the property structure is prevented, as well as the mess and redecoration needed after the majority of wired installations.

Cost efficient solutions 

The Hyfire wireless alarm system is not just a forward thinking approach to challenging wiring installations but delivers many benefits to the designer, installer and consumer. The speed at which a wireless system can be installed decreases the project timeframe and as a consequence reduces project expenses. Project managing time, site facilities and access apparatus hire are all reduced.

The system is compliant with the latest European Standards for wireless fire alarms EN54- 25 and operates at a frequency of 868MHz.

All wireless field devices are battery powered on 3v lithium batteries, which are easy to purchase from your local store or online, and therefore affordable.

The fire control panel consistently supervises the status of all batteries; this enables the maintenance company to arrange for the replacement of the batteries during the maintenance visit.

Fire Systems Ltd, has installed hundreds of Hyfire wireless systems and can recommend them to others within the fire industry.


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