Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Alarm


Wi-Fyre, the system preferred for ‘flexible’ wireless fire alarm detection implementation and control management.

Initially, there was Wi-Fi…now there exists Wi-Fyre®

Wireless fire alarms and fire detection systems have now established an essential, flexible solution for numerous end users, designers, architects and fire professionals for more than 20 years, with each decision to opt for wireless rather than traditional hard-wired technology being taken for a variety of reasons – accessibility, speed of installing, to minimise building disturbance and to overcome architectural issues.

As yet, wireless technology has now become accessible as a full, system-based solution, which makes it challenging or not possible to stipulate or incorporate the true advantages and economies of these two available technologies, Wireless and Hardwired.

Wi-Fyre-schematic Wireless

Wi-Fyre, a brand new design from Eurofyre Limited

This wireless hybrid product has been created to eradicate this kind of barrier, whilst building on conventional key- strengths to allow wireless device implementation and control more adaptable than ever before – enabling hardwired and wireless detection systems to co-exist effortlessly in suitable applications, no matter what type, age or technology of the pre-existing ‘host’ hard-wired system.

This strategy leaves the system designer with the option to specify wireless devices when and where appropriate, in order to offer a complete protection in the most suitable, convenient and cost effective manner possible. Obviously, it also permits smaller, straightforward ad-hoc system add-ons to present systems to be carried out without having comprehensive planning or building interruption, and in the least of time and disruption.

Wi-Fyre calls for no specific tools, programs or PC interface leads to program or set-up the system, as it possesses its own built-in user interface which, along with a spare wireless detector base or test-head, allows you to carry out and complete a pre-requisite wireless site-survey.

Why will you like Wi-Fyre a lot

You may be organising a new installation or have a pre-existing fire alarm and detection system to increase in size, Wi-Fyre could possibly be the perfect solution, especially if access and time is an important limiting factor.

It’s your decision

The Wi-fyre is a wireless fire alarm designed to integrate with the Zeta range of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems. The WI-fire can be used as a standalone unit or as a hybrid solution for wired systems. A typical scenario, would be when installing a wired system and there are some areas of the building that are difficult to wire.

Some of the Key Features are as follows:

  • Compatible with Zeta Conventional and addressable fire alarm systems.
  • Suitable for standalone applications such as residential or small property.
  • Existing wired systems can be easily extended using wireless interface.
  • Installation and Commissioning is simple.
  • A complete range of wireless devices is available.
  • Each Wireless interface can handle 30 devices.
  • The devices have a 3 year battery life as required by EN54-25.

The system is currently in 3rd party testing to achieve it’s EN54-25 certification.

The Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Alarm Product from Eurofyre

Fire Alarm Manufacturers are continually entering the wireless fire alarm market.  The latest additional is Eurofyre with their product called the Wi-fyre

Fire Systems is a true wireless fire alarm installer. If you require a wireless fire alarm called our office for assistance.


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