The ZPR868 Wireless Fire Alarm Product from Ziton.
Ziton the fire alarm manufacturer has a wireless fire alarm product in their equipment range called the ZPR868.

However, the radio interface and peripheral devices are in fact from wireless fire alarm manufacturer EMS and their compliant range called the FireCell.

Ziton ZPR868 Wireless Fire Alarm
Ziton have had a wireless product within their portfolio for many years. However, the radio technology used in their equipment is not their own, but the wireless fire alarm manufacturer EMS.

Their first wireless fire alarm interface was, in fact, the EMS FirePoint 5000, and their current and compliant interface is the EMS FireCell.

The ZPR868 is not a complete wireless fire alarm system, but a radio loop interface operating at 868Mhz, enabled with Ziton protocol. This interface allows wireless devices to be integrated and controlled directly from a Ziton addressable fire alarm system. This approach is known as a “Hybrid” solution and is providing fire alarm manufacturers who currently only provide wired systems the opportunity to have a wireless option. Apollo and Hochiki now have a similar wireless product called the FireWave and Xpander.

As the ZPR868 is, in fact, a FireCell Radio Cluster Communicator, it has the same specification. The ZPR868 is capable of communicating with 31 wireless devices, such as detectors, manual call points, sounders and input/output units. The interface takes up an address on the wired detection loop, and a total of 2 radio interfaces are permitted on each loop, providing a capacity of 62 wireless devices per loop.

The wireless interface is compliant with EN54-25 and therefore, will have the necessary CE mark.

Ziton Fire alarm systems are now considered to be “Open” protocol allowing competent fire alarm companies to gain access to supply and maintained such equipment. Fire Systems Ltd, are the leadersand specialist in wireless fire alarms. If you require assistance in wireless systems contact our office.


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