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Dorgard X

Dorgard X enables fire doors to remain held open in a safe and legal manner. When the fire alarm activates Dorgard X receives a radio signal from the System X Transmitter instructing the fire doors that are controlled by Dorgard X to close, stopping the spread of fire and smoke throughout the building.

Fireco are continuously looking for new methods to improve fire safety. Dorgard X allows fire doors to legally be held in the open position.

In the event of the activation of the fire alarm, Dorgard X accepts the signal from System X to close the fire doors reducing or stopping the spread of fire and smoke. System X has two options; wired into the fire alarm control panel or be an entirely wire free acoustic system. The completely wireless version of System X incorporates the very latest radio technology, and it’s installed beside the fire alarm bell or sounder.

On discovering an alarm situation using thoroughly tested acoustic technology, the device immediately signals to all connected devices. One device could broadcast simultaneously to numerous Dorgard X units inside a 100 meter range subject to a site specific survey. Dorgard X is suitable for all environments including offices, hotels, care homes, restaurants, and public areas that have an automatic fire detection system installed.

Dorgard X must be installed by a fully trained technician. It can be installed with minimal disruption and its features include fail to safe, night time release, and dual battery supply. It’s also compliant with BS EN 1155 and BS 7273-4.