What is BAFE?

BAFE is the independent registration body for third-party certified fire protection companies. They develop schemes based on national standards for specific areas of fire protection to which companies can become third-party certified. Certification to a BAFE scheme is achieved through UKAS accredited certification bodies, providing a quality audit process that you can trust.

Becoming third-party certified to a BAFE scheme independently acknowledges a company’s competency to provide a specific fire protection service. BAFE registration is earned, not bought, and assessed annually. If end users, property owners or the Responsible person of a building require fire protection services for your premises, make sure you use a BAFE accredited company to provide these services. All BAFE companies will meet all relevant standards and have been independently audited to validate and verify their competence. BAFE is completely independent and therefore is an unbiased body helping competent companies and people in need of quality fire protection services find each other.

Endorsing Excellence in Fire Safety

Founded in 1984, BAFE is a self-governing association committed to enhancing standards in fire protection. BAFE is a not for profit, organisation all over the UK that aspires to achieve third party certification with regards to their fire protection services. Fire Alarm Companies which are signed up to BAFE schemes illustrate a dedication to service of quality.

If you need fire protection products and services for your building, then you require a BAFE accredited Fire Alarm Company. Choosing such a company will give the buyer a degree of confidence that the providers of the fire safety goods and services have been audited independently and meet all the relevant standards.

BAFE is now the recognised Certification Body

BAFE is backed up by Governmental and Industry bodies, the Fire and Rescue Services, Insurance providers and prominent Qualification and Trade Organizations.

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) states: “We endorse 3rd party accreditation programs as a good way of ensuring the quality, dependability and safety of goods and services, and understand the important function BAFE performs in delivering to the market accepted registration schemes for those goods and services”.

Fire Alarm Companies are now seeing the benefits of BAFE

BAFE produces 3rd Party certification programs along with interested groups and works jointly with UKAS accredited Certification Organisations to evaluate as well as approve organisations to those standards. Currently, there are more than 1,000 companies situated all over the UK, signed up for BAFE programs

Every one of the certification programs developed by BAFE are (UKAS) accredited (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), and therefore are evaluated in accordance with either ISO 9001 or comparative quality system management scheme. BAFE being an independent organisation are in a position to provide 3rd party certification to an industry accepted standard, which means that the individual accountable for fire protection within a building (under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, 2006) you can be assured that choosing a BAFE certified company is definitely the safest choice in every case.