How to choose a good Fire Alarm Company

Many countries across Europe, you cannot supply or install fire protection equipment without registering with the local authorities for that region.

However, within the UK fire alarm industry, there is no compulsory regulation, qualification or formal test of competency that allows an individual or group to set up a company and offer their services in the field of fire protection.

For this reason, the UK market has an array of fire alarm companies ranging from a “man in the van to large corporations employing many workers.

So how does the end user find themselves a good and reliable company?

Here are three things to look for:

A trusted way to find a company is by recommendation from someone you know or trust.
Especially in today’s world of social media.

Third Party Accreditation
Third party accreditation means that an auditing company that does not have anything to do with the alarm company will send out an inspector to check such things, as the operational capabilities, management systems, paperwork and inspection of sites that the alarm company has worked.

From the site visit, any issues identified by the inspector will be documented and must be resolved within 30 days. Every six months an inspection of this type is carried out, and the alarm company must continue to pass these audits to keep their certificate. The most significant accreditation body within the fire alarm industry is BAFE.

Now, I am not stating that all companies that have BAFE will do a perfect job, however, If a company is not prepared to obtain the industry standard accreditation, then it may be wise to avoid them.

When using any service, one of the factors that will be of consideration will be how long has the company been operating and what experience to they have in the work that they are proposing to undertake?

Making these basic checks can help you find a good and reliable company.

Remember getting the work done by the contractor or company that offers the lowest price is not always best.
Ultimately you are responsible for your fire protection equipment, if it fails to operate when needed blaming the company or contractor who carried out the works, is not a defence in a court of law. You have to show that you choose the company with due diligence.

So take the time and choose a fire alarm company that you can trust.

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I have been in the field of fire protection systems for over 30 years and now am part of a successful fire protection systems company by the name of Fire Systems Ltd. The Fire Alarm and protection industry is continually evolving, allowing me and my team to use our experience to provide bespoke solutions for our clients.

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