Can I Lease or Hire a Fire Alarm System? Yes

Since our emergence as the leader in supplying and installing wireless fire alarms, we have had requests to lease or hire a system rather than pay outright for the equipment.

For some businesses, especially startup’s, cash flow is critical and having to invest into a new fire alarm system at the start of their tenancy may not be the best way to use the limited funds they have available.

Another point to consider is the tenancy agreement, if you are responsible for the installation of any fire protection equipment and you are on a short term lease do you want to install a wired fire alarm system in a building that you cannot take with you when you leave? Especially if you have paid the full cost for the system?

The Installation and Maintenance is Inclusive in the Leasing Package

Seeing the need for a flexible option when supplying fire alarms, wireless provides us with the opportunity to install a system in a client’s premises usually installed within the day, on a lease or hire agreement. Because wireless systems do not damage the building fabric or decoration, the system can be fitted and removed very quickly allowing us to charge only for the time the system is used on the premises and not the purchase of the equipment.

At the end of the lease period you have the choice to extend the hire of the equipment, or if you are relocating to another building, we can transfer the system to your new location. The cost of the lease includes the Service and Maintenance of the system during the contract period. Any faults due to the equipment are covered under the agreement; however, any other faults are chargeable.

An example of the practicality of such an arrangement can be seen in our case study when we hired out a wireless fire alarm to a large site housing the cleaners for the Olympics in 2012.

The list of Benefits are as follows:

  • No large cash outlay to buy the system.
  • The Installation and Maintenace of the System are covered under the agreement.
  • The system can be removed with limited or no damage to the building fabric, reducing the decoration cost when you leave.
  • The System can be re-installed in your new premises if required using the same agreement.
  • The company’s tax liability is reduced as the rental payments are 100% tax deductable.

We have a large range of wireless fire alarm systems to suit a vast variety of applications. For rates and prices contact our office for further details.