Neasden Train Depot Fire Alarm Installation

Neasden depot is one of the largest on London Underground and has undergone an upgrade, which involved the building of two new maintenance sheds and an accommodation block.

Fire Systems Ltd, a specialist in Fire Alarm Systems since 1992, was involved in all aspects of the fire alarm project, from the; design, supply, installation, and commissioning.

The Depot situated in North West London is the largest facility on the network and is where the Metropolitan fleet of trains are maintained and stored.

However, to support the latest generation of ‘S’ car stock of trains, the depot required a new maintenance facility. The new section of the depot will contain two new sheds, each approximately 25m wide and 180m long.

Approved London Underground Fire Alarm Installer

To be in a position to work on projects such as this you require an in-depth knowledge of fire alarm systems and London Underground Standards.

The new maintenance facility will be divided into three areas.

  • The Lifting Shed
  • The Maintenance Shed
  • Accommodation Block.

Due to the height of the sheds being over 10.5m, point detection was not an option. With both sheds having a height of 12m, we decided to opt for Aspirating Smoke detection.

The Maintenance and Lifting sheds were protected by eight Kidde AirSense HSSD2 detectors, interfaced onto the main house addressable fire alarm system using Airsense Hochiki protocol cards.

We installed four Air Sampling Detectors within each shed. Each detector will be protecting approximately 1000m2.

The accommodation block, which is an office environment had your standard point detection, which was Multi-sensors. All detection was Hochiki, as this is the approved protocol on London Underground.

The same applied to the fire alarm panel and this was a 4 loop Metronet London Underground approved panel.

All exits had a manual call point fitted, plus additional points within the maintenance pits.

Due to the expected ambient noise levels within the maintenance facility, personnel working within these areas may have ear defenders and therefore, visual fire alarm notification in the form of blue Xenon Beacons was installed in all areas in conjunction with the voice alarm system.

Fire Systems Ltd, also was involved in the design and installation of the smoke dampers within the accommodation block. The design consisted of fourteen dampers within the void and was controlled by four Kentec Smoke vent panels. All panels were interfaced to the fire alarm panel and closed upon a fire alarm activation.

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