Prevent Fire with Thermarestor Fire Detection

We often take electricity for granted, but virtually everything that uses it has the potential to cause a fire.

Our investigation into the cause of the fire at Clandon Park in April has found that it was accidental and began with an undetected fire in the electrical fuse covered in the basement of the building.

In the UK alone, there is an average of 25,000 electrical fires each year. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t just confined to the UK. It is global. A recent analysis of fire incidents in Dubai found that the most likely cause of ignition was electrical. In order for a fire to start, three ingredients need to be present: A source of fuel, oxygen, and a source of ignition. In the case of electrical fires, the ignition source is abnormal heat, which can eventually result in fire. Without any form of fire detection, these fires are going undetected.

Fire Detection

Thermarestor is our solution to the problem. By using fire detection and detecting excessive temperatures before they cause ignition, we prevent such fires. As a heat fire detection system, Thermarestor can be installed within an electrical installation to provide permanent thermal monitoring. And that protection now extends from wiring accessories, such as socket outlets, to both domestic and commercial equipment and appliances. If excessive heat is detected, we need to let someone know as quickly as possible. Thermarestor can be connected to virtually any means of notification to provide very early warning.

Without Thermarestor, an electrical fire has already taken hold before being detected by the fire alarm system. The emergency services respond to tackle the blaze. With Thermarestor protection now installed, there is no fire. Early warning is provided, and it becomes a maintenance issue rather than an emergency one. By preventing electrical fires, Thermarestor protects you and your family. But don’t just take our word for it.