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Fire Safety Order 2005

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was enforced in the 1 October 2006. The Fire Safety Order, made underneath the Regulatory Reform Act, superseded numerous prevailing elements of legal procedure which also included the Fire Precautions Act 1971 as well as the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 with a straightforward, single component of the law.

The Fire Safety Order, enforces a duty on the individual accountable for the property to supply and sustain adequate fire safeguards to ensure persons can be employed safely, or vacant without risk in case of a fire or some other serious incident.

A ”premises” is identified as a building or place of work. It might consist of any common areas or shared sections of the property for example stairways and passages, as well as common resources, for instance, fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

The Fire Safety Order informs us the concise explanation of a ‘responsible person’ for this purpose is:

  • (a) With regards to a place of work, the employer, if the workplace would be to all extent within his control.
  • (b) With regards to any properties which are not a place of work:
  1. The individual who has the management of the property in association with the continuing by him of a commerce, business or other enterprises (to make money or not); or
  2. The property owner, where the individual, in control of the property, doesn’t have control in association with the continuing by that individual of a trade, business or any other venture.

When contemplating who may have control, it ought to be considered that by law the entire Responsible Person might be a business, for instance, a Limited Company, as opposed to an individual. Furthermore, The Fire Safety Order, is enforced on every individual that has, to some degree, control of the property as far as the requirements that are within their remit.

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