Cirque du Soleil Wireless Fire Alarm Installation – Day 1

Wireless Fire Alarm Installed in Auditorium
Fire Systems Ltd was awarded our first wireless fire alarm job abroad. It was for the world famous circus the Cirque du Soleil.

The circus had a 3000 seater stadium that required a fire alarm. They had tried wiring such a venue before, but it was very difficult and challenging, and they wanted an easier option. A circus representative attended the UK after hearing of our specialist skill in the field of wireless fire alarms and asked if we would be interested in such a project.

The circus submitted their proposal and asked us to put forward a wireless fire alarm design. We designed the wireless network and equipment required to obtain the radio signal strength coverage from our office in the UK without having to travel to Munich and carry out any signal strength survey. Our designers are able to design systems without a radio signal strength survey because of our vast experience in this field.

The Wireless Equipment used was as follows:

The Hyfire range of wireless fire alarm equipment.

  • Enhance Dynamic Translator
  • Expander Module
  • Wireless Manual Call Point
  • Wireless Smoke Detector
  • Wireless Sounder Beacon
  • Fire Alarm Panel was the Kentec Syncro with Argus Protocol
  • Scope Paging System

Hyfire Chosen to supply the equipment

When choosing what type of wireless fire alarm equipment to use on this project, our designers had a choice of either Hyfire, EMS FireCell or Electro Detectors Zerio Plus. Our designers decided to use the Hyfire equipment, as we were very familiar with this system. We have installed this equipment on many projects and we knew that the Hyfire was more than capable of handling this project. Furthermore, the Hyfire now has Dynamic capability, enabling the radio signals to be rerouted should the primary signal path become blocked for any reason. Furthermore, the Hyfire is EN54-25 compliant and has the required CE mark to trade in Europe.

From what I am led to believe this is the first Hyfire Wireless fire alarm to be installed in Germany due to restrictions usually applied by the Germans VDS fire product standard. I am not aware of an EMS FireCell or an Electro Detectors Zerio Plus being installed in Germany. If there is please let me know.

On arriving at the site, our Commissioning engineer reviewed the design in relation to our site survey.

Thankfully, our equipment arrived in one piece and once unpacked we could confirm all the equipment was accounted for.

Checking the quantities of the equipment and ensuring that no equipment was damaged is very important when working abroad, as you are not able to quickly place an order for a replacement, and we had three days to complete our installation before the fire inspection by the Munich fire authorities.

Fire Alarm Point Stands
The first job was to put together the fire point stands and mount the back boxes for the manual call points and sounder beacons. Once this had been done the stands were packed away in their purpose built cases.

The stands were purposely built for the wireless fire alarm equipment. The manual call point and sounder strobe back boxes were fixed to the stand using rivets. The manual call points were to be enclosed by STI Manual call point stoppers.

This concluded day one.

Fire Systems Ltd, can now be considered an International Wireless Fire Alarm Company.