Cirque du Soleil Wireless Fire Alarm Installation – Poland

Following our successful Hyfire wireless fire alarm installation for the Cirque du Soleil in Munich Germany, another order was placed with Fire Systems Ltd, to install and recommission the same system in the same temporary structure the Big Top Tent, but in another city in Warsaw, Poland.

Wireless System Decommissioned

On completion of the show in Munich Germany, the wireless system was decommissioned, which would involve powering down all equipment and remove the batteries, then the equipment is packed away in purpose made cases durable enough to ensure the equipment would not be damaged in transit to the new location.

Recommissioning the Wireless System on the new site

On arrival at Warsaw and with the Big Top Tent in position, the equipment is unpacked, and the battery for each device is inserted. The 230v mains supply to the fire alarm panel and power supplies for the Expanders are installed and turned on.

The commissioning engineer gets to work using his laptop and starts to confirm that the radio signal strength signals for each device are within the manufacturer’s specification.

The commissioning engineer makes any adjustments necessary, and testing of the system is carried out by activating a manual call point and going through the programme cause and effects.

Fire Alarm Cause Effects

On activation of a manual call point, a fire alarm signal is initiated at the control panel with a text message of the location of the device. A Xenon beacon will start to flash within the security cabin and all the pages will start to vibrate to alert staff.

At this stage, no fire alarm sounders will operate.

Staff are to investigate the activation, if it is a false alarm, the fire warden will give permission to rectify the cause of the activation and reset the panel. However, if a fire is discovered and the fire warden deems that an evacuation is warranted, then the fire alarm sounders will be manually activated by pressing the “sound” alarms on the front of the panel.

Cost Savings

As you could imagine, there are obvious cost savings compared to a wired system, especially, as the system was already used on the previous project in Munich Germany.

The time taken to get the system installed and operational was two days. And the same procedure will be used for the next project that will be in Belgium.

Hyfire Equipment Proves to be Robust

Following the transportation of the Hyfire Wireless Equipment from Germany to Poland, all the equipment worked first time.

The Cirque du Soleil fire officer was very pleased with the results and how quick we were able to provide a fully operational system.