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Wireless Fire Alarm in a Commercial Building

For many businesses located in a commercial building having a fire alarm system to protect the occupants and property is not an option, but compulsory should a fire risk assessment decide it is necessary.

You will find that for most commercial premises of a reasonable size will require a fire alarm system. Deciding what type of fire alarm system would be best for your requirements, would depend of on the answer to some of the following questions.

  • Do you own the building?
  • Is it on a short or long-term lease?
  • Is the aesthetics of the building important, if so, can cables and containment be on display?
  • How much disruption will there to my business while the system is being installed?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Do I have to buy the system outright or can I lease or rent the system?

All of these points need consideration.

For many, having a wireless fire alarm installed has proved to be the answer to many of the questions posed earlier.

Wireless systems have benefited greatly over the years from the advancement of radio technology, so much so, that the fire alarm design code BS5839 Part1:2013 now recognise wireless systems.

Furthermore, manufacturers are no longer allowed to produce and sell wireless fire alarm equipment, unless it is compliant with the European standard for wireless fire alarms EN54-25.

To obtain certification, the manufacturer must have the system tested by a third party test house such as LPCB or Interlek.

Because of this certification requirement, the systems now on the market are of a very high standard and very reliable. However, some wireless systems have had to withdraw from the market due to failure to obtain third-party certification, such as Detectomat’s SCR 3000 and Radio Plus from Fulleon.

Because of the new breed of reliable wireless systems, many business owners are taking the easy option of quickly getting a wireless system installed at a fraction of the time it would take for a wired system. The other benefits are there is no wiring or containment on display, and you have the option to lease or buy especially if you are on a short term lease.

If you need to fire alarm for your business, think wireless and save yourself the aggravation of getting that new system installed.