School Upgrade Wireless Fire Alarm

Many schools are turning to Wireless Fire Alarms as the quick and easy solution when installing a new system or carrying out a fire alarm upgrade of their old wired system utilizing the Hybrid feature.

Due to the vulnerability of young people that attend school, it is important that all fire safety equipment, especially the fire alarm is in good working order at all times.

Having to evacuate hundreds of children in the event of a fire, can be a traumatic time for the children and staff. Therefore, it is critical that the fire alarm detects the fire at its earliest stage.

With this in mind, many schools up and down the country have had to carry out fire risk assessments, with the outcome being an upgrade of their fire alarm to an addressable system and or new detection in all areas of high risk and all rooms off of the corridor.

However, for many schools with old fire alarm systems, extending their existing system to meet the new requirements is not possible.

This is where Wireless Fire Alarms offer a huge benefit to schools, due to the speed in which a system can be installed and fitted. The only time a school is vacant to carry out the installation is during the holidays, which can vary from one to six weeks.

For many large schools installing a wired system within the available holiday periods is not possible. In the video, it shows our fire alarm upgrade at Radnor House School. Due to our reputation in the field of wireless fire alarm installation Fire Systems Ltd, was invited to provide a fire alarm solution for a new school project in Twickenham in 2012.

Historic Grade 2 Listed Building

The building was not a new development, but the refurbishment of a historic Grade II listed house on the site of Alexander Pope’s Villa. The building already had a manual fire alarm consisting of manual call points and sounders situated throughout the building; however, the insurance company stated automatic fire detection would be required throughout the building to ensure the building would meet the requirements of their insurance policy.

However, with the building being a Grade 2 listed building with many of the historic features providing an attractive setting, the last thing the owners wanted was to have fire alarm cables and containment on display throughout the building. Due to the age of the building, there were not many cavities or false ceilings available to conceal the required wiring.

Fire System Ltd, was invited to design a system in accordance with the requirements of the insurance company and to keep the wiring and damage to the decoration and building fabric to a minimum. Our design team selected the obvious choice, which was the Hyfire Hybrid solution.

Works Carried Out

The Hybrid design would involve replacing all the existing wired manual call points with wired Addressable Argus Protocol. The existing wired fire alarm bells would be replaced with wired electronic sounders. Now here comes the wireless add-on. On the detection loops, we add the wireless radio translators and Radio Expanders as per our design. Once this is completed, we are now in a position to add wireless manual call points, detectors, and electronic sounders throughout the building with no additional wiring.

We have used the Hyfire Hybrid range with the technique as described on many projects with great success. As you can see from the video, if we would have had to wire the system, it would have definitely of spoilt the look of the corridors and classrooms and taken away the historic feel of the building.

Quick Installation

Another plus was the speed at which the fire alarm was upgraded. The job was installed in a relatively short space of time of two weeks, and the insurance company, along with the school was very happy with the results.

Competent Installer

Another important point when considering a wireless fire alarm installation and that is to make sure you choose a competent installer. Ask for references or Case Studies showing examples of their work.