Detectomat Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Detectomat is a German fire protection equipment manufacturer and has been selling wireless and wired fire alarm equipment in the UK since 2005. The equipment has been marketed and sold through a network of reseller partners. However since the introduction of the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) in 2013, Detectomat have been unable to maintain their presence within the wireless fire alarm sector and are having difficulty obtaining approval for their latest system the SRC 4000.

This situation does provide difficulties for customers who currently have Detectomat wireless systems installed which will be the RCP 6B and the SRC 4000.
Maintenance of these systems are still possible and under the current guidelines maintenance companies will be able to obtain spares for these systems; however, it will be only if the suppliers and Detectomat have the parts available. Should the end user want to extend their system then it will not be possible using this equipment and this will usually lead to the system being upgrade to a current EN54-25 compliant system.

SRC 4000 Wireless Fire Alarm

SRC 4000 wireless system has not been able to gain approval since 2011

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