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Electro Detectors 1st Wireless Fire Alarm System – A Series

Electro Detectors, formed in 1972 and based in Essex, is one of the leading brands in wireless fire alarms.

Their first wireless fire alarm system was the “A” series, which was manufactured between 1987 to 1995. This was in the very early days of wireless fire alarms and during this time, there were only two manufacturers who would have been able to produce a wireless system at this time. To my recollection there would have been two wireless fire alarm manufacturers on the market, Electro Detectors with the “A” Series system and Thorn, now Tyco with the RAFT wireless system

The “A” Series was a pioneer in Wireless Fire Alarms

In the early eighties, the fire alarm systems that communicated by radio waves were called Radio Fire Alarms.

The concept of Radio fire alarms was a totally new way of the devices communicating with the fire alarm control panel. There was no allowance for it in the British Standard at the time BS5839-1:1988, and there was no such thing as a product code.

With radio technology improving all the time, manufacturers such as Electro Detectors could see the huge benefits a wireless fire alarm system could offer.

The “A” Series was launch in 1987

The “A” Series was launch onto the wireless fire alarm market in 1987. The system was conventional, and only the detection was wireless, with the Sounders having to be hardwired. However, with the improvement in radio technology in 1992, the first radio sounder was introduced. This was a huge step for wireless systems. This enables complete systems to operate wireless increasing the appeal to the end user.

The systems in those days were nowhere as reliable as their wired counterparts and were expensive in relation to wired systems.

The “A” Series was replaced in 1997 with the Millennium

In time the “A” Series was replaced by its successor the Millennium series, however, the panel could accept detection from its successor the Millenium, as long as the detection was programmed in the correct way.

The “A” Series was a pioneer in the field of wireless fire alarms and has provided Electro Detectors with part of their heritage.

The “A” Series is no longer available and is now redundant. Electro Detectors website states a repair service is available; however, we would advise that if you have a wireless system that is dated between 1988 to 1995, that you have had good innings and should upgrade to a compliant EN54-25 wireless system.