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Electro Detectors and the Zerio Plus – Firex South 2012

Electro Detectors, have been manufacturing Radio fire alarms since the early eighties. They now have a new product the Zerio Plus, that complies with the new European standard for wireless fire alarms the EN54 Part 25

Electro Detectors, have two wireless fire alarm products, the Millennium which came out in 1995 and their latest product the Zerio that came out in 2005. The Zerio range has two panels, the Zerio and the Zerio Plus. The Zerio Plus was designed specifically to comply with the latest wireless fire alarm European Code EN54 Part 25. The Zerio has eight zones and capable of controlling 99 devices. This would allow this panel to be used in small to medium size applications.

Wireless Fire Alarm Manufacturer

Both Electro Detectors and EMS have had to bring out new products to ensure compliance to the new fire code EN54-25. As of March 2011, wireless fire alarm systems should be designed and installed to the new standard.

Electro Detectors have been producing wireless fire alarm equipment since 1988. Back in the seventies there were only two manufacturers who produced Radio fire alarm equipment; EMS and Electro Detectors

Electro Detectors have been producing Wireless Fire Alarms since 1988

Because of the lack of competition within the manufacturing market, Electro Detectors use to sell their equipment through their network of distributors in the UK. Therefore, this restricted fire alarm companies obtaining equipment and training, who were not part of their network. Having such a situation allowed Electro Detectors network of fire alarm companies to be in a privileged position, due to lack of competition.

However, Electro Detectors no longer restrict access to their product and we believe this is due to the increasing competition. There are no longer just two manufacturers, but five.

  • EMS
  • Electro Detectors
  • Hyfire
  • Detectomat
  • Fulleon Cooper

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