40 Years of Electro Detectors

1982 – 1984 Electro Detectors enter the fire detection products industry in 1982 with the ED series Hardwired Alarm Control Panel, with the Alpha-R and Alpha-S detectors.

1987 -With only one recognised wireless fire alarm system on the market at the time being the RAFE from Thorn now Tyco/ADT, Electro Detectors could see the need for an alternative Wireless System and brought to the market the A-Series. The A-Series had wireless detection with the smoke detector the EDA-R2000 and the manual call point the EDA-C200. However, wire-free Sounders was not available at this time.

This technology was very new to the market, so much so, that there was no allowance for wireless systems within the fire code BS5839: Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings. However, with the huge advancement in radio technology due to the mobile phone, Electro Detectors decided to bring this technology to the fire alarm industry.

1992 – Electro Detectors first wireless sounder was introduced to operate on the A-Series system.

1994 – A revised manual call point EDA-C200 was brought to the market.

1997 – As radio technology continued to improve, Electro Detectors launched an improved wireless system called the Millennium. The Millennium was addressable, capable of handling 3000 devices and operating with a new range of wireless devices.

EDA-R400 Combined Optical Smoke Detector and Sounder
EDA-D400 Combined Heat Detector and Sounder
EDA-R300 Optical Smoke
EDA-D300 Heat Detector
EDA-C300 Manual Call Point
EDA-A230 Radio Sounder with Beacon
The manual call point was revised in 2002 This system was the one that put Electro Detectors on the map as a pioneer and leader in the field of wireless systems. The system lasted until 2004

2004 – Electro Detectors seeing there was a need to introduced a smaller system with advanced programming features launched a new product called the Zerio Z1000. This system was aesthetically pleasing to look at and was aimed at smaller installations commercial and residential.

The wireless devices were:

EDA-C1000 Radio Call-point

EDA-R1000 Radio Smoke Detector

EDA-R2000 Radio Smoke Detector with Sounder

2010 – Due to the Construction Products Regulation CPR all radio systems had to obtain a CE mark, by their product complying with the wireless product code EN54-25. The Zerio 1000 did not comply; therefore Electro Detectors had to introduce a new system called the Zerio Plus. Certification to EN54-25 for this system was obtained in 2013.

Electro Detectors have the smallest wireless system on the market and the only system that can state it is completely wireless.