The Millennium Wireless Fire Alarm

The Millennium Wireless fire alarm panel was the successor to the A-Series system. With now having 12 years experience manufacturing and developing wireless systems; the experience gained was invested in the Millennium series

The Millennium was Electro Detectors first Addressable Wireless system.

The Millennium Series was launched onto the wireless fire alarm market in 1997 and lasted until 2004, where it was succeeded by the Zerio range.

The Millennium system is much more advanced than its predecessor, offering a fully addressable system, with a much-enhanced processor. This enhancement in processing power has allowed the system designers to increase the number of devices by up to three times.

The Millennium Series has two systems, the M100 and the M200. The M100 is the larger of the two systems and is capable of handling 3000 devices across 99 zones, whereas the M200 is the smaller panel and can communicate with 999 devices across 20 zones.

The Millennium had many additional features than the “A” Series.

The LED display on the “A” Series has been replaced with a high quality backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), featuring 8 lines of text.

There are two choices for the fire alarm engineer to program the system, he can either use the onboard keypad or the easiest and preferred method of using a laptop computer. Both the tones generated by the Sounders and the sounder zone can be programmed uniquely.

The system can be set-up in a standalone configuration or networked for larger systems. The network is also done by radio communication, allowing the data to pass around the network wirelessly.

The control panel is able to accommodate a repeater panel, which is smaller than the main panel. This allows for the repeater to be installed in an inconspicuous location.

The system as an event log capacity of 1000 events and a permanent record can be listed on an optional onboard printer.