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The Zerio Plus the lastest System from Electro Detectors

Electro Detectors have introduced their newest compliant wireless fire alarm system the Zerio Plus. The Radio fire alarm manufacturer, which, over the last 30 years, has been a market leader in the fire industry with our amazingly popular and innovative Wireless fire alarm systems.

Electro Detectors already have a good history of dependability and ease-of-use with a large number of wire-free systems installed, all over the globe, which include such impressive buildings as Windsor Castle as well as The Ritz Hotel, London.

The New Zerio Plus is EN54-25 Compliant.

Our wireless systems are appropriate for all types of building from substantial size office blocks and hotels to modest stores and eating places. Having a radio system the requirement for prolonged installation periods, unneeded building work, undesirable wires as well as conduit have been eliminated, and, with developments in technology, wireless devices today is identical in size to their cabled counterparts.

The development of the wireless fire alarm product code, EN54 part 25, has permitted, Electro Detectors to develop further the Zerio system. Making use of knowledge, experience and revered features within the first Radio system, we now have produced the compliant Zerio Plus which includes a whole host of superior functions yet still has the advantage of a fast and simple installation. With affordable prices, this Zero Plus radio system delivers a serious alternative option to any sort of wired system and appears set to become by far the most all-encompassing Radio fire alarm system on the market today

Setting up the Equipment

Setting up the equipment could hardly be easier. Every fire alarm device is programmed onto the control panel utilising a clearly designed user-friendly menu arrangement.

It is not necessary to attach field device using a computer lead because the settings are accomplished through radio communication.

Position information may be applied via the Laptop or merely programmed utilising a regular Computer style keyboard connected to the board or for a single device an inbuilt keypad can be used.

With addressable sensor capability and sophisticated multi-channel error tolerant signalling, the wire-free system decreases false activations, even though the system is still providing the highest level of protection to your inhabitants of the property. To be able to enhance the radio distances of the radio system, sometimes hard wired or maybe radio wireless booster control panels is usually mounted at suitable locations. Throughout the automated set-up the wireless fire alarm will arrange these devices to make sure the best performing operation is achieved.

The radio system fully complies and is certified to the European Product Standard EN54 Part 25.

Zerio Plus Features

  • Capable of communicating with 240 devices
  • The system can accommodate 15 Signal Radio Boosters
  • There is also an alternative of wired boosters
  • Battery Standby 72 hour
  • Complex Cause and effects
  • Multiple Networked Control Panels
  • Compliant with Product EN54 Part 25Together with 240 radio fire alarm devices over no more than 100 zones, the Zerio Plus fire alarm provides the ideal alternative for modest residential houses up to big business premises.

The fire control panel, despite the fact that it is easy to use, provides advanced functions typically observed in bigger hardwired counterparts.