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Zerio Plus Batteries

So on to the Zerio Plus System, one of the things that we’ve listened to, again, from the customers, was the batteries. On the older systems, you had different batteries for different devices, which meant an engineer visiting site had a mixture of batteries that he might have to use. On the new system, Zerio Plus, we’ve used the same battery for every device, so there’s only one battery. So, an engineer turning up on site for a Zerio Plus System should hopefully have the right batteries for it.

Our batteries are still lithium cells, they’re still mounted onto a PCB. There are two very good reasons for that. One of them is that the battery will give you the life we say it will because we know that the quality of the batteries we use is good. We also test every single battery that comes out of the factory. The other reason for it being is, in our devices, we keep our devices deliberately quite small to be aesthetically pleasing, that’s no different to a standard case. The hard-wired co-point is no deeper, so there isn’t a lot of room in the back of our devices.

The device battery is just a very simple, straightforward swap. The motherboard has got pins on, which the battery plugs into, so it’s just a plug on, plug off, very simple, very straightforward and very fast to change. And again, in the detector it’s literally two screws, take the back plate off, unplug the battery, plug the new battery. This isn’t actually the right cord point, so…

In the combined sound detector units there are two of these packs. One for the detection device and one for the sounder, and in the larger, we’ll mount each sounder because there’s actually three of these packs. The other advantage of the lithium cell is they don’t leak when they start to get flat, whereas some of the alkaline batteries as we’ve probably all seen in TV remote controls, et cetera. when they start to go flat they do leak. And you’re ruining a potentially an expensive device for the sake of a cheap battery, but we’ve stuck with lithium. We made a conscious decision as a manufacturer to do that.