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Zerio Plus Manufactured in the UK

The Zerio Plus is Electro Detectors compliant wireless fire alarm to EN54 part 25.

Steve Page of Electro Detectors invited Will Mason to their office and factory in Harlow for an overview of the system.

The Zerio Plus is the first and only complete wireless system, whereby the panel and peripheral devices are all made by the same manufacturer as one system.

The Hyfire and EMS both use third-party fire alarm control panels, such as Kentec or Advance Electronics.

Whereas a lot of companies have opted to contract the manufacturing of their product to Asia or Eastern Europe, Electro Detectors still do all their production work from their factory in Harlow in the UK.

The reason given for this decision is that it ensures they can have full control over the quality of the product. Viewing the video, you can observe the computerised machines producing the printed circuit boards six detectors at a time.

From this factory, the wireless equipment is manufactured and shipped to all parts of the world.

Electro Detectors have a proud heritage within the field of wireless fire alarms and have been designing and manufacturing systems since the 1980’s.