Hochiki FireWave Wireless Fire Alarm System

With many wireless fire alarm systems on the market, Hochiki in partnership with Hyfire, have brought to the market the FIREwave. This system is an intelligent hybrid wireless fire alarm systems that seamlessly integrates onto Hochiki’s ESP hardwired system.

The FIREwave wireless detection range includes three types of sensor, a photoelectric smoke sensor, a heat sensor, and a multi-criteria sensor sensing heat and smoke. The range also encompasses audio-visual devices, including weather-proof sounders and beacons, a resettable manual call point, a wire-to-wireless translator module, an expander module, a range of input-output modules, and range of intrinsically safe devices.

The FIREwave system is the perfect solution for a range of projects with complicated installation requirements. For example, on a project with multiple buildings spread across a site, it’s not always practical or cost-effective to lay cables from building to building. With the FIREwave wireless fire alarm system, we can offer the end user a solution that combines both hardwired and wireless products to provide an efficient and practical solution. Hospitals, universities, and schools are all prime examples of sites that might have multiple outbuildings. With a standard range of 150 meters in open air, FIREwave is the perfect solution to provide fire detection within those outbuildings without laying cables but that seamlessly integrates onto an ESP hardwired system in the main building.

When faced with greater distances and complex architecture, expander modules can be used to provide the extra coverage required. Without the need for laying cables, FIREwave opens up other possibilities for protecting sites that are traditionally challenging. For example, in museums, castles, and stately homes, the fabric of the building cannot be altered to accept any form of cabling. Similarly, in churches, cathedrals, and other historical listed buildings, the aesthetics cannot by compromised. FIREwave is ideal for all of these scenarios, providing robust fire detection with minimal disruption. FIREwave can also provide the perfect solution for temporary buildings and structures. For example, on construction sites, which by law still need 24-hour fire detection.

The advanced wireless communication protocol allows analog values, device addresses, and type codes to be transmitted to the system’s control panel. Receiving power and communications directly from the analog loop, our translator modules ensure a reliable and secure connection between the control equipment and the wireless field devices. Each translator module can support up to 32 field devices. Communication between the translator module and devices is bi-directional and uses the 868 megahertz frequency range. As mentioned, each field device has a range of 150 meters in open air, which can be increased with the use of an expander module. All FIREwave devices are powered by standard lithium batteries, which on average will last five years. And all of our FIREwave products are approved to EN 54 standards.

The system itself is a hybrid system. This means it can be integrated onto the ESP loop for a Hochiki protocol. So the simple system could be as simple as installing a small Syncro addressable panel, having some hard-wired detection on a loop. And then on the loop, we simply put a translator module, which will give us the propagation in that area of the wireless product itself. It has a frequency of 916, and it allows us to easily integrate the wireless product onto the addressable range. The system itself can be expanded from a small localized translator by the use of an expander module. This can be relocated in an external building where it’d only require a 24 volt power supply to power it. Allowing us to get up to a range of around about a kilometer with several of the expanders in series. So to configure the wireless product onto the wireless loop, we utilize a FIREwave configuration software tool, which is easy and intuitive to use. For the end user, they have a single interface via the Kentec syncro panel to the wireless product. The application for wireless are vast, and there’s areas like Heritage. You have asbestos ceilings, remote buildings, mobile units. And like I say, there are many, many other applications where the wireless product is the right product to install within that building.

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