Hyfire Wireless Fire Alarms

Hyfire is a groundbreaking wireless fire system from Sterling Safety Systems. At the heart of Hyfire is an intelligent loop-powered radio translator. This links the wireless sensors, sounders, cool points, and visual alarms to any existing Kentec or Advance fire system using Argus Protocol. Using advanced Radio technology, Hyfire offers a level of reliability and resilience that’s never been experienced before. With the flexibility to use both wired and wireless devices on a single site, installation is fast, convenient, and disruption is dramatically reduced.

Hyfire works around your needs. In heritage buildings, sometimes you simply can’t run cables without damaging the fabric of the building. Add to that, thick walls can cause problems for traditional wireless fire systems. Hyfire uses dynamic wireless technology. Each translator unit manages its own operation and can act as signal carriers, making sure the system can always communicate around unexpected obstacles. This means no cables, less fixing, and minimal damage; and even better, you can adapt the system easily as the needs of your building changes.

Fire Systems Ltd is a Hyfire Approved Premier Installer

Installing Hyfire Wireless Systems Since 2005