Hyfire Replacement of Batteries

The importance of Battery Maintenance

The Hyfire range of wireless fire alarms has many advantages, such as; no wires, speed of installation, minimal disruption and minimal damage to the building fabric and decoration. These are some of the many reasons why people opt for wireless systems. But, there are some disadvantages and none more so, than having to replace the batteries.

The reason that batteries are required is that every device needs to communicate via radio waves to their assigned Translator or Expander; however, should the communication stop for any reason a disconnection fault will appear on the fire alarm control panel.

Failed Batteries most common fault

I would have to say that the most common reported fault on a wireless system is a “disconnection or low battery fault” which is usually caused by a low or flat battery. However, this fault will not occur if the system is Service and Maintained and the batteries replaced within the allotted timeframe as stipulated on the training courses and the installation manual.

Battery Types within the Hyfire Devices

The Hyfire range uses two different types of battery; the primary is a Duracell Lithium 123 Battery at 3v (Hyfire HFW-PB-01) and the secondary battery which is a button type CR2032 (Hyfire HFW-SB-01) The primary cells can last up to 5 years on an input device such as a smoke or Heat detector, but the output device such as a sounder has a shorter lifespan of 3 years, this is due to this type of device being monitored more frequently, and hence this uses more power. The secondary batteries will last up to 2 months, and their purpose is to register a fault and sound the alarms if the primary battery has failed.

Battery Life in New Wireless Detector now 10 Years

However, as manufacturers try to increase the battery duration in their devices, the Hyfire range has recently added the Libra wireless detector increasing its battery life from 5 to 10 years. Therefore, if the batteries are replaced during a maintenance visit within the time frame as stated there is no reason why a system will develop this type of fault. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, if the Sounders have been used excessively then the batteries will have to be replaced earlier.

Battery and Labour to Replace – Low Cost

The batteries are easily available from many outlets especially online and therefore they are at a low cost. The labour cost to replace the batteries is also reasonable if replaced during a service visit. Therefore, my message would be to keep your Hyfire wireless system fault free make sure you service and maintain your system at least every 6 months as required by the fire alarm design code BS5839-1 and replace the batteries as required.