Wireless Fire Alarm Interface for Conventional Panels

It is now possible to convert a wired conventional fire alarm zone to support Radio devices using a Wireless Conventional interface.

This video shows you how to convert a standard zone on a conventional fire alarm panel into a zone that can handle wireless detectors, sounders and manual call points.

It is useful when you have an area within a building that requires fire detection equipment. However, it is not always practical to install cables.

Application of Use

We had such a situation at some plush offices in Regent Street, (as shown in the video,) whereby the client had just completed their decorating and then following a fire risk assessment had to install extra smoke detectors and sounders throughout the building. Their fire alarm panel was a standard conventional panel and therefore, the additional smoke detectors and sounders would have to be wired and as there were no ceiling voids the wiring would have to be installed on the surface.

Now in cases such as this, you would usually have to upgrade the system to a Radio fire alarm replacing all the equipment or leave the existing fire alarm in place and install a secondary wireless fire alarm panel to accommodate the wireless equipment. Having two fire alarm panels would be confusing to operate or to upgrade the complete system would be costly.

A Wireless Solution for Conventional Systems

Fire Systems Ltd, the wireless fire alarm specialist proposed a device called a wireless conventional interface. This device can be wired into a spare zone on a conventional fire alarm panel and wireless equipment such as detectors, manual call points and sounders can be supported on this fire alarm zone.

As you can see in the video, it would not have been practical to wire the additional smoke detectors as there were no ceiling voids to hide the cables. All the wiring would have had to be installed on the surface and concealed in white plastic trunking. This would have been unsightly and ruined the plush look of the decoration.

Fire Systems Ltd, well renowned within the fire alarm industry as a fire alarm company that specialises in wireless fire alarms has the experience and expertise to design and install a cost effective system for a small office or residential property to a large complex network comprising of many wireless fire alarm panels networked together.

For more information on the conventional wireless fire alarm interface shown in the video or if you require a quotation, please contact our office on 020 8546 5646 or complete our contact page on our website www.firesystems.co.uk.