Hyfire EN54-25 Compliant

When choosing a wireless fire alarm system, it is important to ensure the equipment being proposed by the installation company complies with the European wireless equipment code EN54-25.

One such manufacturer that has achieved EN54-25 status, via the third party test house LPCB is the Hyfire range of wireless devices. In 2008 we saw the introduction of the wireless fire alarm code EN54-25.

However, it was not enforced at that time, and this allowed manufacturers to produce and sell wireless fire alarm products without having to prove that the systems were able to perform the specification stated.

For this reason, some unreliable systems were allowed to be sold and installed giving wireless fire alarms a bad reputation within the fire alarm industry.

However, it was not until 2013 that the Construction Products Regulation came into force, this meant that manufacturers now had to prove using a third-party test house, that their equipment complied with an agreeable standard which was now EN54-25.

Reviewing all the wireless fire alarm systems on the market as of 2008 which was the time the wireless code was introduced, only Hyfire had a compliant system. The remaining manufacturers either had to produce a new wireless system or cease selling their product. This resulted in both EMS and Electro Detectors introducing new systems to the market that is the FireCell and the Zerio Plus respectively, which now have EN54-25 status. However, Detectomat and Fulleon both had to withdraw their systems from the market.

Hyfire is now considered, one of the best Wireless fire alarm systems in the UK. The Hyfire name is a brand name for a wireless fire alarm system that is manufactured in Italy from Argus Security, but the technology is from Russia. The Hyfire brand of equipment is very advanced and now have a complete range of Radio detection devices to be found in the UK currently.

Over the last 20 years, radio fire systems have substantially increased in dependability whilst decreasing in both overall size and price. Todays’ fire detection systems, from Hyfire, offer a prolonged battery lifespan consequently they are as good as conventional hard-wired systems.

Not only are these Radio fire alarms installed in historic buildings, where cables can’t be installed, but in addition to a large number of other properties, which includes buildings in which being interrupted is often a nuisance, temporary projects, and fire detection and alarm systems that need to be installed in very quickly, whilst still remaining cost-effective.

The Hyfire Range of Wireless Equipment is compliant with EN54-25

The Hyfire range of wireless fire alarm equipment has provided fire alarm companies and fire professionals an alternative EN54-23 compliant wireless system. Since entering the wireless market in 2005, the Hyfire range which is distributed and marketed in the UK by Sterling Safety Systems Ltd, Unit B12a, Holly Farm Business Park, Huntley, Warwickshire CV1NP, has become well known within the fire alarm industry for providing cost-effective and reliable systems.

Whereas other wireless manufacturers had to introduced new systems to comply with the new wireless product standard EN54-25, Hyfire entered the market in 2005 with fully compliant systems.

The Hyfire range offers a Hybrid solution and according to its website has the largest EN54-25 compliant wireless fire alarm system in the UK. This system, installed at the tax office in Cardiff as over 3000 devices on nineteen panels networked.

The equipment is distributed through a network of fire alarm companies or through various outlets either online or trade counters such as ADI Gardiner.

The system equipment is made up of various manufacturers, the control panel can be from either Kentec or Advanced Electronics. There is no wireless components or software within the fire alarm control panels. The panels are standard units off the shelf, the only requirement is that they have Argus protocol loop cards fitted. The wireless detection is from the Argus range of equipment.

The Hyfire range has also been adapted to work with Hochiki ESP detection and is called the “Firewave”

Sterling Safety Systems responsible for supplying the Hyfire range to the UK fire industry, to not install the equipment and do not have installation engineers. Sterling Safety will carry out site surveys on behalf of fire alarm companies and fire professionals within the industry. They also offer training on their products and offer advice. However, obtaining a survey and advice does not qualify the Fire Alarm Company or fire professional to install a reliable, fully operational and compliant system. The end user would be wise to choose a company that has a proven track record and is well experienced in the design and installation of wireless systems.